Introducing the High-Performance HPRT Gala 4-Inch Industrial Barcode Printer

2024-05-21 14:38

Industrial barcode printers are a great help in tracking and managing inventories efficiently in modern manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics operations. Today, we're excited to introduce the HPRT Gala 4-Inch Industrial barcode printer, a breakthrough in affordability and functionality for these essential sectors. 

The HPRT Gala Industrial barcode printer boasts many remarkable features and benefits, and you can experience its capabilities firsthand by watching our detailed YouTube video below.

Benefits of the HPRT Gala 4-Inch Industrial Barcode Printer

The HPRT Gala is a 4-Inch Industrial Barcode Printer that combines affordability with extensive features tailored for diverse industrial environments. It offers:

High-Speed & Reliable Performance: With a printing speed of up to 14ips (203 dpi), the Gala ensures swift barcode printing without compromising on stability or quality..

Multiple Programming Languages: Compatible with multiple programming languages including ZPL, DPL, EPL, and TSPL for seamless integration.

Rich Connectivity Options: Features rich interfaces USB+Serial+LAN+Parallel+USB Host, with optional WiFi, Bluetooth, GPIO and RFID to meet diverse setup needs.

User friendly Operation: The single-fold door design simplifies media replacement and maintenance, while the touch-screen dispaly allows for quick navigation. The Gala designed for ease of use, ensuring a smooth and efficient user experience even for beginners.

Extensive Accessories Available: Comes with a wide array of optional accessories to enhance functionality and adaptability across various industrial applications.

This industrial printer supports multiple programming languages, including ZPL, DPL, EPL, and TSPL. So, manufacturers and factories looking to replace printers from other brands or upgrade your devices can confidently switch to the HPRT Gala without worrying about programming languages compatibility.

HPRT Gala 4 Inch Industrial Barcode Printer.png

The HPRT Gala offers high-speed printing capabilities that do not compromise on quality, ensuring clear and durable labels that withstand industrial demands. 

This 4-inch industrial barcode printer is available in resolutions of 203, 300, and 600 dpi, delivering a blazing-fast print speed of up to 10 inches per second at 300 dpi. It's perfectly suited for integration into high-speed production lines in logistics and manufacturing in precisely printing product barcodes, like tiny small PCB QR codes, electronic product nameplates, asset tags, UID labels, and medical barcode labels.

HPRT Gala Industrial Barcode Printer with 3.5 inch color touch display.png

Ease of use is at the heart of the HPRT Gala design. Even novices can quickly get started with the operation, including various adjustment settings before printing and print head replacement.

This 4-inch industrial printer features a 3.5-inch color touchscreen with one-touch calibration and intuitive error messages displays, which reduces training time and simplifies operations. 

HPRT Gala Industrial Barcode Printer with multiple interfaces.png

In terms of connectivity, it has rich connectivity options including standard USB, USB HOST, Ethernet Port, RS232 Serial Port, Parallel Port and optional interfaces like WiFi, and Bluetooth, simplifying integration across multiple platforms.

HPRT Gala Industrial Barcode Printer with various accessories.png

HPRT has further enhanced the HPRT Gala's capabilities by offering a range of optional accessories, including a cutter, rotary cutter, and peeler. These accessories expand the printer's versatility, enabling customized solutions to meet diverse labeling requirements.

In conclusion, the HPRT Gala 4-Inch Industrial Barcode Printer is an exceptional choice for businesses looking for a reliable, versatile, and affordable industrial thermal printer. Its robust design, combined with advanced features, offers a competitive edge in industrial labeling solutions. 

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