Efficient Kitchens Begin with Split Kitchen Order Printing

2024-05-20 15:31

What is Split Kitchen Order Printing?

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Split kitchen order printing refers to breaking down a single order into multiple receipts. Each receipt prints items for different dishes or preparation areas. This method is particularly common in the catering industry, as it optimizes kitchen workflow and service processes, thereby boosting overall operational efficiency.

For instance, in a large restaurant, different types of dishes need to be prepared in specific kitchen areas. When a customer places an order, the system automatically sends the hot dishes portion to the kitchen printer in the hot food serving counter, while the desserts and beverages portion is sent to the receipt printer in the bar area.

This split kitchen order method ensures chefs receive orders accurately and promptly. It reduces kitchen confusion and errors, improving overall service speed and customer satisfaction.

Essential Requirements for Achieving Split Kitchen Order Printing

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To achieve split kitchen order printing across different serving counters from a single order, the POS system must support this feature. It should recognize different items in an order and automatically dispatch them to the appropriate receipt printers based on predefined settings.

Additionally, kitchen printers need to be reliably connected to the POS system, ensuring that printers in different areas (e.g., kitchen, bar) can receive instructions from the same POS system.

For example, the HPRT KP806 PLUS kitchen printer offers a high-speed printing rate of 250mm/s and a stable wired connection to prevent disruptions caused by network fluctuations. Its fast and efficient ticket printing easily handles the surge in orders during peak hours.

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This kitchen printer features a dual cutter design, effectively extending its lifespan. It's also waterproof and moisture-proof, ideal for withstanding harsh kitchen environments with heavy smoke. 

Audible and visual alarms further prevent missed orders, contributing to orderly kitchen management. Plus, it's highly compatible, supporting all necessary printing commands and formats.

How to Set Up Split Kitchen Order Printing?

Split kitchen order printing is typically configured in the advanced settings of the POS system. Generally, receipt printing is divided into standard receipts and split order receipts. Clicking on split order receipts allows you to add new split kitchen order printing rules.

The split kitchen order printing rules include setting the rule name, usually defined by the kitchen section, such as hot food or desserts, setting the split order type, printing module, printing source, and then associating the printing device.

As a convenient and efficient receipt printing technique in the catering industry, split kitchen order printing has become a powerful tool for optimizing kitchen operations and improving service quality. 

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The HPRT KP806 PLUS kitchen printer, with its outstanding performance and reliable quality, meets the needs of split kitchen order printing in the catering industry, helping restaurants establish an efficient and orderly kitchen management system. For wholesalers and businesses looking for bulk OEM customization of receipt printers, feel free to contact us!

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