How to Choose a Thermal Transfer Barcode Printer

2022-08-11 17:28

Thermal transfer barcode printers can be used to print various types of barcode labels, receipts,tickets, etc. This printer prints one-dimensional codes and two-dimensional codes via thermal transfer printing.

Thermal Transfer Label Printer

How does it print the barcodes?

The heated thermal print head(TPH) melts the ink or toner and transfers it to the print media, and the print media forms print content on the surface after absorbing the ink.

The barcode printed through thermal transfer is not easy to fade and can be stored for a long time. The thermal transfer printing method is less limited and the printing effect is good, so it has a very wide range of applications in all walks of life.

Since the barcode labels printed by thermal transfer printers are not easy to fade and have a long storage time, so they are suitable for industries that require high barcode printing effects, such as manufacturing, automobile, food, electronics, textile, and chemical industry.

5 Factors to Consider before Purchasing a thermal transfer barcode printer

#1 Take your specific application scenarios into consideration

Different industries or scenarios have different requirements for printers. If you are only using barcode printing in the office environment or general retail industry, it is recommended that you choose a desktop barcode printer, so the cost will not be very high; if you need the printer to perform in a large factory or warehouse, then it is recommended that you choose an industrial barcode printer because industrial barcode printers are usually with a metal structure, which is more drop-resistant and more durable.

#2 Decide the sizes of the barcode labels or need to print

The label sizes that can be printed by different barcode printers are also often different. We suggest you choose a suitable barcode label printer by comparing the maximum printing width and printing length parameters of different printers according to the size of the barcode label you need to print. Generally speaking, a barcode printer can print barcode labels of all sizes within its maximum print width. HPRT’s barcode printers support printing labels with a maximum width of 118 mm(6-inch).

#3 Decide the printing clarity you required

Bar codes usually require a certain degree of clarity to be accurately read and recognized. At present, the printing resolutions of barcode printers on the market mainly include 203dpi, 300 dpi, and 600 dpi. The more dots you can print per inch, the higher the print resolution. If the barcode labels you need to print are smaller in sizes, such as jewelry labels, electronic component labels, and circuit board labels, it is recommended that you choose a printer with a higher resolution, otherwise it may affect the barcode reading; if you need to print barcode labels with larger sizes, then you can choose a barcode sticker printer with a relatively lower resolution to reduce costs.

#4 Decide the length of the ribbon

The longer the barcode printer ribbon, the greater the number of barcode labels that can be printed. Although the ribbon is usually replaceable, if your printing needs are large and you want the printers to work continuously for a long time, it is recommended that you choose a barcode printer with a longer ribbon storage space to reduce replacement and save time and labor costs.

#5 Decide the printer connectivity method

Printer connectivity is also an important consideration. Do you want the thermal barcode printer to work in a fixed place or do you need to move it from time to time? If you need a mobile printer, it is recommended that you check the interface types supported by the printer before purchasing, such as USB type B, USB Host, Ethernet, serial, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc., to ensure that the barcode sticker printer you choose can be connected to the network you use to print barcodes.

HPRT is a professional developer and manufacturer of all kinds of barcode label printers. We have been dedicated to the printer industry for more than ten years. If you have any questions about thermal barcode printers, please leave us a message, we will provide you with professional barcode printing solutions based on your specific needs.

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