How to Achieve Personalized Coding with Your Date Coding Machines

2023-04-06 14:41

food packaging

Date coding machine is one of the indispensable equipment in modern production lines. For example, China’s well-known dairy brand Yili uses thermal transfer coding machines on its production line to print production dates, shelf life, batch information and other information on dairy product packaging, in an attempt to ensure product quality and safety and facilitate traceability. Different manufacturers have various requirements for the information on the packaging. So how can date coding machines be used to achieve personalized coding?

a. Choose the right date coding machine and ribbon

First, let’s talk about date coder machines. They vary in functions and characteristics. For example, some coding machines can print high-resolution images, while others are suitable for printing on all kinds of packaging materials.

In addition to the functions and characteristics of coding machines, it is also very important to choose the right ribbon. The ribbon is an important component of a date coder, which affects printing quality and durability. The color and material of the ribbon are diverse, directly affecting the printing effect. For example, black ribbons are suitable for printing on light backgrounds, while white ribbons are suitable for printing on dark backgrounds. When choosing a ribbon, you also need to consider its material. For example, resin-based ribbons usually apply to the content that needs retaining for a long time, while wax-based ribbons are suitable for short-term use.

b. Install and connect the date coding machine

Before using a date coder, you need to install it and connect it to your computer or other device. You can refer to the instructions to complete these steps. After ensuring that the coding machine is connected and working properly, you can start creating your own coding content.

c. Personalized coding

Before starting printing, personalized content design is required. Many date coder brands provide their own editing software, which usually has powerful editing functions including font, layout settings, custom fields and barcode generation.

The intelligent date coder DC24A-E under HPRT can work with its independently developed software such as Format Designer to easily achieve personalized coding.

Image of intelligent date coder HPRT DC24A-E

You need to choose the right font, color and image to design your content and you also need to determine the size and shape. When designing and editing, it is imperative to pay attention to the readability and aesthetics of the coding content.

It is worth noting that traditional hot stamping coding machines still change and adjust content by manually replacing copper particles. In addition, such coding machines require nearly 20 minutes of preheating each time they start work. Insufficient preheating time or too high temperature will result in unclear printing. Therefore, in modern society that values efficiency, these traditional coding machines have been gradually replaced by intelligent and fast thermal transfer coding machines.

d. Printing test

After completing the design and editing, you can start printing tests. Whether it is a traditional hot stamping coding machine or a modern thermal transfer coding machine, testing is required to ensure printing quality and accuracy.

For traditional hot stamping coding machines, testing is usually done by first printing on waste fabric to check the printing effect and accuracy. If there are problems, you can adjust or replace the copper particles until the printing effect meets the requirements.

For thermal transfer coding machines, the testing process is more complicated. Usually, it is necessary to clean and calibrate the print head first to ensure printing quality and accuracy. Then you need to design and edit content in the printing software and perform a series of previews and adjustments. Finally, you will import the designed content into the thermal transfer coding machine for trial printing and adjustment until the printing effect meets the requirements.

After testing is completed, batch coding can be performed. By continuously learning and improving, you can improve the efficiency and quality of your coding. At the same time, you can also refer to other people’s content design and printing experience to learn more tips and methods.

As a reliable system printing solutions manufacturing enterprise, HPRT offers various types of date coding machines. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in any of our products.

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