Efficient Retail Label Printing Solutions

2024-07-04 16:58

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Retail is fast-paced and ever-changing. To keep up, you need to stock products efficiently, quickly update price tags during promotions, and get orders packed and shipped fast. HPRT provides you with fast, accurate retail label printing solutions from the shop floor to the back of the warehouse.

Our retail label printers use thermal printing technology and cover mobile, desktop, and industrial label printers. They're super easy to set up and keep you connected, perfect for all kinds of retail businesses, including small grocery stores, convenience shops, boutique retailers, and large supermarkets.

Whether you're labeling products in the aisle, replacing price tags, or managing inventory from the warehouse to the deli, our powerful retail label makers and printers make it all happen smoothly.

Retail Labels and Tags We Can Print

Retail Shelf Labeling

Product Labeling and Pricing

Inventory Management

Shelf-edge labels & tags

Product labels & tags, logo labels

Inventory barcodes & SKU labels

Shelf talkers and sale signs

Fresh food and pre-prepared food labels and ingredients labels

Warehouse rack & bin location labels

Price markdown labels

Hang tag labels & stickers

Shipping and Receiving

Custom Labels & Thank You Stickers

RFID Tags & Labels

Online order labels

Packing labels

UHF RFID clothing tags

Shipping labels

Custom thank you stickers

RFID jewelry tags

Address labels

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HPRT Best Shelf Tag and Retail Label Printers

1. HPRT HM-T3 PRO 3-inch Mobile Thermal Label printer

In chain supermarkets, during sales and promotions, product prices often change. After restocking shelves, staff can simply scan the product barcode with their PDA device, and the HM-T3 PRO 3-inch mobile barcode printer, wirelessly connected, prints neat shelf price tags instantly. It's super convenient!

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2. HPRT SL32BT 3-inch Thermal Label printer

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The SL32BT is one of the best label printers for retail stores. This compact and affordable 3-inch thermal label printer supports USB and Bluetooth, making it super versatile.

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With a printing speed of up to 180mm/s and multiple label detection sensors, this price tag printer can efficiently and accurately print all kinds of labels you need. From warehouse and product barcodes to SKU labels, deli and fresh food labels, bubble tea and drink labels, and clothing tags, the SL32 has got you covered.

3. HPRT SL42BT Thermal Shipping Label printer

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For online shop owners and e-commerce sellers, printing shipping labels is an everyday task. The SL42BT thermal shipping label printer is your ideal helper, with a top speed of 150 mm/s. It supports a variety of label types like folded paper, roll paper, die-cut labels, and black mark paper.

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Plus, with Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily print shipping labels from your phone or iPad. The SL42BT works with multiple platforms, including FedEx, Shopify, UPS, Amazon, and DHL.

This 4-inch direct thermal printer also helps you print custom labels like thank you stickers, packing labels, address labels, mailing labels, and card labels.

4. HPRT Gala 4-Inch Industrial Barcode Printer

The HPRT Gala 4-Inch Industrial Barcode Printer is designed to print clear, scannable barcodes around the clock at speeds of up to 14 inches per second (203 dpi), and can even scale up to 600 dpi for high-resolution needs.

It's perfect for warehouses and shipping and receiving areas, handling continuous high-volume printing of product labels, SKU barcodes, logistics labels, pallet labels, and compliance labels. Plus, it offers flexible interface options and seamless system integration.

HPRT retail label printers come with professional label software, including templates for retail shelf labels and product labels, making design and printing incredibly convenient.

HPRT is a leading printing equipment supplier and label printer manufacturer in Xiamen, Fujian, China.

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With nearly 2,000 employees, including over 400 engineers in our R&D team, we are well-equipped to support resellers and customers with OEM printer needs. Our strong manufacturing base and advanced R&D capabilities make HPRT a trusted partner for businesses looking to enhance their printing operations.

Whether you are a reseller looking for reliable products or a business needing custom solutions, HPRT offers the expertise and innovation to meet your needs.

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Contact us today to explore how we can support your business with our retail label printing solutions.

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