Bus Ticket Printers in Modern Public Transportation

2024-05-17 13:38

Modern public transportation relies heavily on efficient ticketing systems to ensure smooth operations. And bus ticket printers are frequently incorporated into the system to provide passengers with proof of payment and to ensure operational transparency and compliance. Next, let's take a closer look at how bus ticket printers are used in ticketing systems.

Applications of Bus Ticket Printers

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With the rise of mobile NFC payments and QR code payments, traditional coin and cash transactions in public transportation are gradually decreasing. Bus ticketing machines and systems are becoming more advanced and intelligent.

A common bus ticketing system is an all-in-one POS touchscreen terminal that integrates public transit fare collection software to sell multiple tickets and is easy to operate.

It includes payment recognition devices that support various payment methods for passengers, such as mobile QR code payments, card payments, and NFC card payments, allowing quick transactions. 

The accompanying ticket printer automatically prints a receipt after the passenger completes the payment, clearly displaying the fare, starting and ending stations, travel date, and time.

To gain a clear understanding of its real-world application, watch this video showcasing the integration of the HPRT TP808 thermal receipt printer into the Netherlands Arriva Bus Ticketing System.

Highly Recommended Bus Ticket Printer HPRT TP808

TP808 thermal receipt printer.png

When selecting a bus ticket printer, consider factors such as print speed, durability, and ease of integration. The TP808 stands out due to its superior features and performance. 

● Compact and highly adaptable, easily integrates into bus fare collection systems.

● Thermal printing eliminates the need for ink or ribbons, reducing maintenance requirements.

● Maximum printing speed of 260 mm/s and 203 dpi for fast and clear receipts, efficiently handling peak passenger flow.

● Equipped with high-quality auto cutters and components, offering enhanced durability and supporting both full and partial cuts.

TP808 thermal receipt printer printing bus ticket.png

The TP808 ticket machine in bus supports 58/80mm receipt printing, including multilingual text, symbols, logos, graphics, barcodes, and QR codes. The printed receipts are professional and neatly organized, clearly displaying information such as the ticket time, fare, and bus promotional QR codes.

Equipped with optional Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, the TP808 expands connection options for enhanced versatility.

In addition to its use in all-in-one POS systems for city buses and long-distance coaches, the TP808 receipt printer is also suitable for automated bus fare collection systems. 

automated bus fare collection.png

Furthermore, its ticket printer module for OEM integration can seamlessly integrate into self-service ticket terminals, parking ticketing systems, and kiosk booking systems in enhancing passenger convenience and streamlining ticketing processes.

HPRT: Your Reliable Supplier for Bus Ticket Printers

HPRT portable receipt printer.png

HPRT offers a wide range of bus ticket printers, including desktop and portable receipt printers. The portable models are compact and lightweight, equipped with wireless technology (such as Bluetooth or WiFi), making them easy for conductors or drivers to carry and operate. 

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All these receipt printers support OEM customization and can be seamlessly integrated into your bus ticketing systems and mobile ticketing solutions. Contact us for more information!

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