Best Thermal Printer for Small Business in Catering, Retail and E-commerce (2024)

2024-01-12 16:13

For small businesses in the catering, retail and e-commerce sectors, printing labels and receipts is an important part of daily operations. The current market’s thermal printers is a favorite among business owners for its fast printing speed, ease of use, simple maintenance, and affordability. Faced with a variety of printers on the market, how do you choose the right one? Below, we have selected best thermal printers for small business, aimed to solve your thermal printer purchasing challenges in one go.

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Cashier and Bill Printer

In cafes, tea shops, fast food chains, and restaurants, an efficient and smooth POS receipt printer is essential for front-desk cash settlements.

HPRT TP80N bill printer.png

The new HPRT TP80N bill printer boasts a sleek design, compact size, and faster speed, with a maximum printing speed of 230m/s. It connects via USB to the business’s POS system, ready to print order tickets, payment receipts, and bills.

HPRT TP80N bill printer with side open cover design.png

This 80mm thermal receipt printer uses a high-quality print head with a cutter life of 1 million cuts. In case of a jam, its unique side-open cover design allows for quick resolution.

The TP80N has a built-in buzzer for error notifications. It also supports printing QR codes and barcodes, convenient for printing various promotional and membership QR codes on the sales receipts. Its comprehensive font library, which includes Chinese, English (minor languages), Korean, and Japanese character sets, significantly broadens its applicability. Additionally, it’s compatible with eco-friendly thermal paper.

Besides catering environment, this one of the best receipt printers for small business is also suitable for various retail stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, bars, and more, covering a wide range of applications.

Kitchen Printer

In some restaurant layouts, like Western or theme restaurants, the distance between the front (customer dining area) and back kitchen (cooking area) can be significant. In such cases, a kitchen printer is needed to allow kitchen staff to receive orders from the front kitchen in real-time, ensuring timely food preparation and efficient serving.

HPRT KP806 PLUS kitchen printer.png

The HPRT KP806 PLUS kitchen printer supports network connection and has multiple moisture-proof designs, including a moisture-proof coating on the motherboard and protection for rear interfaces.

HPRT KP806 PLUS kitchen printer with protection for rear interfaces.png

Even in environments with heavy grease and smoke, it maintains smooth communication with the order-taking sections and prints various order information and kitchen tickets efficiently.

The KP806 PLUS printer comes equipped with strong audio and visual alert functions, including warning lights and loudspeakers, ensuring no order is missed and facilitating excellent front and back kitchen coordination. Notably, it also supports reprinting of erroneous tickets, with reprinted tickets marked clearly to avoid confusion.

Milk Tea and Bubble Tea Label Printer

In busy tea and coffee shops, each beverage carries the customer’s expectations. To avoid order confusion and enable staff to clearly understand order details, a high-performance thermal label printer for small business is essential.

SL32 3 inch thermal label printer.png

Before preparing the drink, the HPRT SL32 3-inch thermal label printer produces clear and detailed beverage labels, printing every detail of the order, including the order number, type of drink, and even specific customer preferences. This allows staff to quickly and accurately identify each order, also enables customers to easily see their custom drink information, preventing mix-ups.

The HPRT SL32 thermal label printer has a simple square design and supports various sizes of beverage and tea labels, thermal paper labels, with a maximum width of 80mm. It offers ultra-fast printing, about 20,000 labels per hour. Its large paper compartment capacity minimizes the frequency of paper changes, ensuring continuous and efficient operation during peak hours.

HPRT also offers free label design software. With it, businesses can unlock numerous industry templates, including jewelry, food retail, milk tea beverages, warehousing logistics, and fixed assets, ready for immediate use after simple editing. This desktop thermal printer also offers optional Bluetooth interface, convenient for mobile editing and use.

Besides beverage labels, it can also print clothing labels, jewelry labels, cooked food labels, fresh fruit labels, and more, widely applicable in various retail stores.

Shipping Label Printer

For e-commerce and O2O retail stores, getting products ordered by customers shipped out quickly is crucial, and a vital step is affixing shipping labels to the packaged goods as soon as possible for the courier to pick up.

HPRT N41 shipping label printer.png

The HPRT N41 is the best shipping label printer for small business. This compact smart shipping label printer doesn’t take up much space in warehouses or store counters. With its smart paper inhaling and retracting features, it simplifies operations and prevents wasting any shipping labels.

HPRT N41 shipping label printer with high quality print head.png

The HPRT N41 uses a premium print head, capable of printing approximately 230,000 single-sheet shipping labels, delivering stable, long-term printing of single and triple sheet labels.

It’s equipped with multiple sensors for precise positioning and clear barcode printing. This shipping label printer for small business comes with BarTender label design software and is compatible with 99% of the market’s ERP software, making it suitable for Amazon, eBay, and various domestic couriers, boasting wide applicability.

The N41 supports printing label widths from 50 to 118mm, versatile for printing shipping labels, logistics labels, warehouse labels, shelf labels, and product labels. Its multi-purpose functionality and flexibility make it an ideal choice for various business needs.

HPRT provides the best thermal printer products as professional and efficient solutions for catering and retail sectors. If you are looking to enhance your business operations with reliable and high-quality printing solutions, feel free to contact us.

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