PDF417 Scanners: A Must-Have for Government, Logistics, and Document Management

2024-01-11 15:58

Common 2D barcodes include QR codes, Data Matrix, and PDF417. Now QR code and related scanning technology are widely used in consumer and industrial applications. However, the PDF417 barcode is less known. What distinguishes this 2D barcode, and where is the PDF417 scanner mainly used? Let’s explore the these aspects and applications of the PDF417 barcode and scanners.

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What is PDF417 Barcode?

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The PDF417, a type of 2D barcode, is known for its high data capacity and reliability. Unlike traditional barcodes, the PDF417 can store extensive information, including text, numbers, and even small images.

The PDF417 features rectangular shape and resembling a small grid, and it has a flexible size that varies based on its data content. Typically, its width ranges from about one to several inches. And its stacked, linear pattern allows it to hold over a kilobyte of machine-readable data, making it a powerhouse in data storage and retrieval.

In practice, the PDF417 barcode is extensively used in industries requiring detailed data encoding, such as logistics for tracking parcels, and in document management for legal and administrative records.

It’s notably used in the United States for driver’s licenses. Law enforcement officers and other authorized personnel frequently use PDF417 barcode scanners to read these licenses, extracting data for age verification or identity checks.

QR code vs. PDF417

While both QR codes and PDF417 are 2D barcodes used in scanning and data capture, QR codes are more common in consumer applications and offer quick readability, whereas PDF417 barcodes are used for their higher data storage capacity, often in document management and identification scanning scenarios.

1. Data Capacity: PDF417 barcodes have a higher data storage capacity compared to QR codes. While a QR code can accommodate up to 3,000 alphanumeric characters, a PDF417 barcode can hold over 1,800 bytes with more complex data.

2. Physical Size: QR codes are generally smaller and more compact than PDF417 barcodes. The PDF417’s larger size is due to its higher data capacity, making it more suitable for applications where space is not a primary constraint.

3. Error Correction: Both barcode types offer error correction capabilities, but QR codes provide a higher level of error correction and can remain functional even if a portion of the code is damaged or obscured.

4. Scanning Equipment: PDF417 barcodes and QR codes differ in their encoding and decoding methods. QR codes, use a simpler matrix pattern that is easier to scan with a wider range of devices, including standard barcode scanners and smartphones. On the contrary, PDF417 codes use a more complex, stacked linear pattern, so it may require scanners with more advanced imaging capabilities.

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HPRT, a reliable barcode scanner supplier from China, offers the best PDF417 scanners and 2D barcode scanners for use in all environments. Our diverse product range includes handheld, USB, and wireless models, which can read 1D, 2D, QR Code, Data Matrix, and PDF417 formats. These barcode scanners are compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux, with a maximum precision of 3mil. Next, Let’s discuss the various applications of these 2D PDF417 scanners.

Application of PDF417 Scanners

1. Government and Personal Identification

In many countries, PDF417 barcodes are used in government operations, particularly for driver’s licenses and national ID cards.

For instance, during traffic stops or at security checkpoints, law enforcement officers, such as police officers, state troopers, and security officials rely on PDF417 barcode scanners to quickly and accurately confirm identities.

When the handheld barcode scanner reads the barcode on a driver’s license, it decodes and instantly transmits the data to a connected device, such as a laptop, tablet, or specialized handheld device. These devices will display the decoded information for immediate verification.

2. Transportation and Logistics

In the transportation sector, especially in air travel, the PDF417 scanner is vital for scanning boarding passes. It significantly speeds up the boarding process, improving the overall passenger experience.

In the logistics field, PDF417 barcodes are a standard feature on shipping labels. A notable example is their use in major courier companies, where PDF417 scanners such as the HPRT N130 handheld barcode scanner featuring rapid and powerful data processing capability, ensure accurate tracking of parcels from warehouse sorting to final delivery, optimizing the logistics chain.

3. Document Management

The PDF417 barcode is also instrumental in document management, particularly in legal and administrative documents.

Legal firms, for example, use PDF417 barcodes to encode confidential client information on documents, ensuring secure and efficient data retrieval. Government agencies also utilize these barcodes in administrative paperwork, embedding substantial data that can be swiftly accessed with PDF417 scanners.

HPRT N130 2d barcode scanner.png

The HPRT N130 Handheld Barcode Scanner offers plug-and-play convenience and is compatible with multiple operating systems including Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux, allowing for seamless integration into various business systems. It also supports keyboard language outputs for over 80 countries.

HPRT N130 barcode scanner reads distorted and damaged barcodes.png

Equipped with advanced imaging and high-performance decoding technology, this scanner excels in speed and accuracy. It can decode a variety of 1D and 2D codes: PDF417, QR Code, Data Matrix, Maxicode, Postal Codes, and even recognize distorted or damaged barcodes with ease. It’s suitable for use in logistics and warehousing, retail clothing, healthcare, and document management sectors.

In addition, HPRT offers a free online barcode generator(https://hm.hprt.com/en), including a PDF417 barcode generator, which allows users from all industries to freely generate various 1D and 2D barcodes.

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With devices like the HPRT N130 PDF417 scanner, businesses can harness the full potential of this PDF417 barcode technology, ensuring accuracy, speed, and reliability in their operations.

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