Batch Coding Solutions for Roast Coffee and Tea Packaging

2024-02-29 16:38

Like snack food products, packaged coffee and tea bags should be coded with production date, expiration date, net weight and other details. The shelf life of roasted coffee beans and tea leaves can even last to 2 years if well sealed, so date coder should be clearly readable and durable, convenient for consumers to view at any time. So roast coffee and tea leaves processors are in need of durable batch coding solution, compliance with legal requirements. 

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Batch Coding Content Requirements

Coffee and tea products, are commonly packaged in bags and pouches. For example, roasted coffee beans and ground coffee are stored in valve-sealed bags and tin-tie bags. And tea leaves are packed in small foil bags and vacuum-sealed bags.

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According to food-related regulations, some necessary information expiration dates, and serial numbers, must be marked on these products, for ensuring consumer safety, providing product transparency, and facilitating informed purchasing decisions. 

Now, there are two main ways to code coffee and tea products: direct printing on the flexible packaging bag and affixing product labels.

Below is an example of a package of roast coffee date coded:

● Product Name: "Single Origin Ethiopian Roast Coffee"

● Net Weight: "340g"

● Ingredients: "100% Arabica Coffee Beans"

● Expiration Date or Best Before Date: "12/2024"

● Batch No: 12345AB

● Brewing Instructions: "Use 2 tablespoons per 6 oz of water and brew for 5 minutes."

● Origin: "Sourced from Sidamo, Ethiopia"

● Manufacturer Information: "Roasted by CoffeeCrafters, Portland, Oregon. Contact us at"

Batch Coding Solutions

Coffee and tea products often come in flexible packaging, such as bags and pouches, TTO are frequently the top choice for manufacturers due to their versatility and efficiency. 

These TTO coding machines are designed to meet the demands of fast-paced production environments. They offer high-quality, durable printing on a wide range of flexible packaging materials, including PET, PE, OPP, aluminum foil, as well as label paper. The printed codes are clear, crisp, and resistant to water, abrasion, and fading.

HPRT's Automatic Batch Coding Machines

HPRT batch coding machines.png

HPRT offers a range of high-performance automatic batch coding machines, delivering 300-dpi high-resolution and consistent prints, fulfilling the needs of the coffee and tea industries. 

Our date coders utilize thermal transfer ribbon technology, suitable for bags, pouches, foil-films, other flexible packaging and product labels.

HPRT TTO printers excel in printing:

● Texts.

● Dates, including precise real-time date codes.

● Graphics and logos.

● Tables, such as ingredient lists.

● Barcodes, QR codes, DM codes, and other barcodes.

coding date.png

Our automatic batch coding machines can operate at speeds from 20mm to 1000mm/sec, perfect for high-volume production lines. 

To meet the batch coding needs for retail food products such as coffee beans, tea leaves, and nuts in valve bags, HPRT offers high-performance pouch bag feeders, which our TTO printer can synchronize with, thereby improving work efficiency. 

With competitive batch coding machine prices, HPRT provides cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.

For application cases of HPRT products, it is recommended to read "Application of HPRT TTO Printers in Dairy Industry".

Professional Installation and Support

We offer professional installation guidance and are quick to address any unexpected issues that arise, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum productivity for our clients. 

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