58mm, 80mm, and 112mm Thermal Receipt Paper: Which Size is Right for You?

2023-05-08 16:34

Sometimes, it’s the little details in life that bring the most delightful surprises. The thermal receipt printer is one such seemingly unremarkable yet highly practical helper. When you shop in a mall, dine in a restaurant, or attend various events, a well-designed and appropriately sized receipt often adds to your satisfaction. This article will provide an in-depth analysis of the three common widths of thermal receipt printer receipts - 58mm, 80mm, and 112mm, and guide you in choosing the right width based on your actual needs.

Printing receipts by a thermal receipt printer

Common Widths of Thermal Paper Roll in Receipt Printers

Thermal receipt printers typically use thermal paper as the material for their receipts, a special type of paper that produces clear text and images when exposed to heat. Due to the efficiency, speed, and reliability of thermal receipt printers, they have been widely adopted in various industries, such as retail, foodservice, healthcare, and logistics. The three common widths of thermal receipts are:

A. 2-inch (58mm)

B. 3-inch (80mm)

C. 4-inch (112mm)

Different sizes of thermal receipts cater to different scenarios and requirements, providing more options and convenience to various industries. In the following, we will introduce the features and application scenarios of each receipt size one by one.

2-inch (58mm) Thermal Receipts

Two-inch thermal receipts are the smallest and most portable option. They are ideal for businesses with limited space or those that require on-the-go printing.

2-inch (58mm) Thermal Receipts

Best-suited industries and examples

a)Small retail stores

Independent boutiques or shops can benefit from the portability and space-saving features of 2-inch thermal printers.

b)Mobile food and beverage vendors

Food trucks and mobile coffee carts can utilize 2-inch thermal printers to produce receipts quickly and efficiently, without taking up valuable space.

c)Event ticketing

For events like concerts or sports games, 2-inch thermal printers can be used to print tickets at entry points or box offices, providing a convenient and efficient solution.

3-inch (80mm) Thermal Receipts

Three-inch thermal receipts are the most common size, offering a balance between readability and portability. They are suitable for a wide range of businesses and applications.

3-inch (80mm) Thermal Receipts

Best-suited industries and examples

a)Supermarkets and grocery stores

Three-inch thermal printers are ideal for printing itemized receipts with product names, prices, and discounts, providing customers with a clear and organized overview of their purchases.

b)Restaurants and cafes

With 3-inch thermal receipts, restaurants can include detailed order information, payment breakdowns, and even personalized messages, improving the customer experience.

c)Pharmacies and drugstores

In pharmacies, 3-inch thermal printers can be used to print prescription labels and detailed receipts, ensuring customers receive accurate information about their medications.

HPRT TP80K 3-inch Thermal POS Printer, this stylish and compact receipt printer features wall-mounting capabilities, solving your space arrangement challenges. The TP80K series boasts a maximum printing speed of 230mm/s, accommodating printing widths of both 2 and 3 inches. With a thermal print head lifespan of up to 100Km, you can effortlessly print a massive amount of receipts!

printing scene of TP80K

4-inch (112mm) Thermal Receipts

Four-inch thermal receipts are the largest size and offer the most space for displaying information. They are best suited for businesses that require detailed and comprehensive receipts or labels.

4-inch (112mm) Thermal Receipts

Best-suited industries and examples

a)Medical and healthcare facilities

Hospitals and clinics can use 4-inch thermal printers to produce detailed prescription labels, appointment reminders, or patient instructions, ensuring accuracy and compliance with industry standards.

b)Transportation and logistics companies

Shipping labels, boarding passes, and luggage tags can be printed efficiently and clearly with 4-inch thermal printers, streamlining operations and improving customer service.

c)Government service centers

For government agencies that require comprehensive documentation, such as vehicle registration or tax forms, 4-inch thermal printers offer an effective and compliant solution.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Thermal Receipt Width

A. Industry requirements and regulations

When selecting a receipt width, pay attention to industry regulations or guidelines regarding the content of receipts. For example, the medical industry may require detailed drug information and dosage on prescription labels, necessitating wider receipts to ensure all information is clearly visible. On the other hand, fast food restaurants may only need simple order and price information, so narrower receipts may suffice.

B. Business size and scale

Consider the size of your business, transaction volume, and the amount of information required on each receipt when making a decision. For instance, a large chain supermarket may need to print detailed information for numerous products, making 3-inch or 4-inch receipts more suitable. For a small, independent coffee shop, a 2-inch receipt might be sufficient due to simpler order contents.

C. Customer preferences and expectations

Understanding customer preferences and expectations can help improve customer satisfaction. For example, some customers may want more promotional information on their receipts, in which case wider receipts could be used to display more promotional content. Additionally, if customers are environmentally conscious, you could opt for eco-friendly thermal paper or even offer electronic receipts as an alternative.

D. Space limitations and store layout

When choosing the size of your thermal receipt printer, consider the available counter space and overall store layout. For instance, in a space-limited food truck or pop-up store, using a compact 2-inch thermal printer can save valuable space. In contrast, in a spacious mall or large chain store, 3-inch or 4-inch thermal printers may be more suitable, as they can print more information and enhance the customer experience.


Though a well-sized receipt may seem trivial, it actually plays a significant role in boosting customer satisfaction and establishing a brand image. We hope this detailed guide helps you choose the most appropriate receipt size for your business, and through carefully designed receipt content, create a pleasant experience for your customers, ultimately elevating your brand image and business efficiency.

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