Integration of TTO Coding Machines in Vertical Packaging Operations

2024-05-13 14:56

Vertical packaging machines, also known as Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) machines, are widely used across food, pharmaceutical, and hardware sectors for the automated packaging of bulk materials like powders, granules, and liquids.

Typically, these packaging machines are integrated with TTO coding machines to apply essential information—such as production dates, expiration dates, batch numbers, and variable barcodes—directly onto flexible packaging. This seamless coding and packaging integration significantly enhances production efficiency.

TTO Coding Machines in Vertical Packaging

In the vertical continuous packaging process, a VFFS machine first draws packaging material, typically plastic film or other types of flexible materials, from a reel. The machine then forms the film into bags, simultaneously filling them with various products such as bulk coffee, tea, or liquids, and sealing them.

TTO printers are generally installed at the material feed section of the VFFS packaging machines, allowing for seamless integration with the packaging flow. This integration not only saves space but crucially aligns the coding process with the packaging operation, reducing steps and potential errors, thus markedly enhancing production efficiency.

TTO Printers: Optimal Coding for Flexible Materials in Vertical Packaging

The packaging materials widely used in vertical packaging machines are plastic films. Given their excellent flexibility and moldability, these materials are easily processed into various bag types through mechanical means. 

TTO printers are particularly suited for high-quality coding on various flexible packaging materials, including plastic films such as PVC, PP, PET, PVDC, BOPP, and even aluminum foil.

TTO printer compatible with various flexible materials.png

Vertical Packaging with HPRT TTO Printers

HPRT's intermittent TTO printers, such as the FC53Li and FC32Li, are specifically designed to align with the intermittent operation of VFFS machines during bag-making and sealing. 

These coding machines adeptly synchronize with the varying speeds of vertical packaging lines, accommodating both high and low-speed requirements, ensuring precise coding and marking.

HPRT FC32 TTO printer.png

The HPRT FC53Li and FC32Li models offer a high resolution of 300dpi, facilitating superior coding quality for small text, intricate graphics, and high-dense barcodes.  

These industrial coding machines use original carbon ribbons and maintain print integrity even in harsh conditions such as high temperatures, alcohol exposure, and friction, ensuring the markings do not fade.

Designed for operational efficiency, HPRT TTO printers simplify ribbon changes and maintenance, minimizing downtime and enhancing line productivity. These coding machines are versatile enough for both continuous and intermittent packaging processes, making them ideal for:

1. Vertical packaging of powdered or granular products like pharmaceutical granules, coffee, tea, and single-serving condiments.

2. Vertical packaging of liquids and semi-fluids like sauces, salad dressings, and detergents.

3. Packaging of larger-sized components and hardware items, such as automotive parts.

coding effects.png

HPRT TTO coding machines deliver an efficient, precise, and reliable coding experience for vertical packaging. Vertical packaging machine manufacturers, end customers, and packaging integrators are welcome to contact us for further inquiries!

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