Create Your DIY Pop Star Phone Case with a Birthday Barcode

2024-05-10 13:34

Unleash your creativity and feel the constant presence of your favorite pop star with a personalized DIY phone case. Using the HPRT MT53 mini photo printer, you can easily print crisp, clear ID photos of your beloved star and transform them into a unique phone case. 

What’s more exciting? You can add a birthday barcode to eternally treasure their special day right on your phone case. So, grab your HPRT MT53 and embark on your creative journey today!

star phone case.png

Essential Tools

● A clear phone case

● HPRT MT53 mini photo printer with photo paper loaded

● Scissors

Steps to Create Your DIY Pop Star Phone Case

Step 1: Print Your Pop Star ID Photo

● Power up the HPRT HeyPhoto app and connect via Bluetooth to your MT53 portable photo printer.

● Select the "ID Photo" option, and choose the appropriate print size—MT53 can print up to 2x3 inch photos—or opt for a collage of multiple ID photos.

ID photos.png

● Upload your chosen pop star ID photo, adjust the headshot positioning, and hit print. 

The HPRT MT53 uses ZINK zero-ink technology, eliminating the need for ink cartridges—just load the photo paper and you’re set to print high-resolution, smoothly colored photos that last.

high quality photos produced by the mt53 mini photo printer.png

Step 2: Create a Pop Star Birthday Barcode

● Use an online barcode generator—there are many free tools available. Set it to a common barcode standard like code128.

● Enter the pop star's birthday, for example, 19911228, and press the generate button to create your idol's birthday barcode.

barcode generator.png

● Download the barcode image; you can edit it to add text, such as "THIS IS A SPECIAL DAY".

With the MT53 pocket printer, easily print out your custom happy birthday barcode photo.

Step 3: Cut and Paste Your Images

Trim your printed pop star ID photo and birthday barcode to the desired size. The MT53 prints come with high-quality adhesive backing, ensuring they stick firmly and leave no residue upon removal.

Arrange and stick the photos on your phone case to your liking, then slip on a clear phone case, and your personalized DIY pop star phone case is complete!

DIY Pop Star Phone Case Tips

● Mix and match photo and barcode sizes to create rich visual effects.

● Add decorative elements like fun stickers or sequins to further personalize your phone case.

● Beyond pop star photos and happy birthday barcodes, print other favorite designs to make your phone case truly one-of-a-kind.

Let your imagination soar with the HPRT MT53 mini photo printer. Design a bespoke pop star phone case, showcase your creativity, and keep your idol close at all times!

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