Z1 Instant Camera Printer: Capture and Cherish Your Memories in an Instant

2024-03-22 17:11

Capture and cherish your memories in an instant with the Z1, a revolutionary instant camera printer that seamlessly combines a camera and printer, allowing you to capture life's special moments on the go and preserve them in high-quality prints.

Z1 instant camera printer.png

Compact and Stylish

Weighing only 230g, the Z1 digital camera printer is available in vibrant red and blue, easy to slip into your pocket or backpack for capturing life's adventures on the go.

size of Z1 instant camera printer.png

Simple Operation, Instant Prints

Say goodbye to complicated settings! The Z1 instant print camera is equipped with a 2.8-inch full-view display, allowing for easy framing and composing your shots for more precise results. Automatic focus technology lets you capture near and far objects with just a press of a button, making it a user-friendly kids instant print camera.

Whether it's a family gathering, a travel landscape, or a pet close-up, you can capture the moment and share your joy instantly.

Perfect Photos, Clear Results

With advanced ZINK technology, the Z1 instant camera printer delivers high-definition and color-accurate prints, eliminating the need for cartridges or ribbons.

zink printing effect.png

After capturing, you can carefully select your favorite shots for printing, minimizing photopaper waste. And unleash your creativity with its eight-level filter knob, adding a unique artistic touch to your photos.

Selfies Made Easy

Wherever you go, the Z1 empowers you to capture flawless selfies with ease. Its built-in LED ring light provides soft and even illumination, ensuring perfect selfies even in low-light conditions, such as dim indoor lighting in restaurants or KTVs.

App Connectivity, Endless Possibilities

The Z1 mini printer leverages Bluetooth 5.0 technology to ensure steadfast and reliable wireless connectivity. With the HPRT HeyPhoto app, you will unlock a world of creative possibilities. Edit photos, add fun filters, emojis and text, create collages, and even print dynamic photos and 15-second AR images to bring your memories to life in new and exciting ways.

HPRT HeyPhoto app.png

Peel-and-Stick Prints, Great for DIY Projects

The Z1's 2x3 prints come with a peel-and-stick backing, easy to apply to any surface, no residue after peeling off.

It's perfect for personalizing your belongings, creating DIY photo albums, decorating your space, and so much more. Let your creativity run wild.

The Z1's sleek and stylish design has been recognized by the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2022, a testament to HPRT's commitment to excellence in both form and function.

HPRT has earned the trust and acclaim of users worldwide with its reliable quality and innovative technology in the portable photo printer market. We are relentlessly dedicated to the research and development of ZINK and dye-sublimation printing technologies to meet the diverse photo printing needs of modern families and individuals.

HPRT offers a full range of OEM/ODM photo printer customization services, from appearance design adjustment and brand logo customization to photo printer application development, allowing you to have a unique photo printing experience.

HPRT, your premier choice for high-quality color photo printing solutions!

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