What is an ESC/POS Printer?

2024-06-03 15:30

What is an ESC/POS Printer?

ESC/POS, or "Epson Standard Code for Point of Sale," is a command set developed by Epson specifically for controlling POS (point-of-sale) printers and other devices. Many ESC POS printers use thermal printing technology, and they are widely popular for their simplicity and powerful functionality. These printers are primarily used for printing receipts, tickets, barcodes, and other documents required in retail and service industries.

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Functions of the ESC/POS Commands for Printer

The ESC/POS print commands offer a variety of functionalities, including:

1. Setting fonts and character sizes.

2. Adjusting print positions and alignments.

3. Printing text, images, and barcodes.

4. Controlling paper feed and cutting.

5. Opening and closing cash drawers.

ESC POS thermal printers support a variety of fonts and graphic formats and can integrate seamlessly with various hardware and software systems. They typically connect to computers or POS systems via USB, serial, or network interfaces.

Developers can easily control print formats using ESC/POS commands, such as adjusting font sizes, alignment, and barcode types. This flexibility makes ESC/POS printers particularly favored in commercial settings that require efficient printing, such as printing billing receipts, shopping lists, and medical payment vouchers.

Other Command Sets for Thermal Printers

In addition to ESC/POS, several other command set languages are used to control thermal printers:

StarPRNT: Developed by Star Micronics, this command set supports POS printers. While similar to ESC/POS, StarPRNT includes specific features and commands optimized for Star devices, enhancing compatibility with these devices.

ZPL (Zebra Programming Language): Developed by Zebra Technologies, ZPL offers complex graphic and layout control options and is primarily used for barcode and label printers. Although ZPL is typically not used for receipt printing, it is highly practical in retail environments that require intricate label and barcode printing.

CPCL (Compact Printer Command Language): Also developed by Zebra Technologies, CPCL is a command set language mainly for portable printers. It provides a straightforward command set designed for mobile printing solutions, ideal for applications requiring high mobility.

ESC/POS Printers from HPRT

Due to the simplicity and broad device support of ESC/POS, these thermal POS printers are extensively used in the retail and hospitality industries. 

HPRT receipt printer.png

HPRT thermal receipt printers not only support the ESC/POS command set but also offer comprehensive SDK customization options. They are compatible with many operating systems such as iOS, Android, and Linux, catering to the needs of POS system suppliers and system integrators.

hprt esc pos printer integrated into a kiosk.png

hprt thermal printer integrated into pos system.png

Our thermal receipt printers can be seamlessly integrated into various systems, including retail POS systems, restaurant POS systems, self-checkout kiosks, and vending machines. HPRT thermal receipt printers have extensive applications in the retail, hospitality, and healthcare sectors.

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Our ESC/POS printers are designed to provide robust and flexible printing solutions for various industries. POS system suppliers and integrators are welcome to contact us contact us to learn more about our products and application cases. 

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