Top 5 Questions About Waterproof Label Printers

2024-01-29 17:06

Waterproof label printing is significant for product labeling and branding, particularly in industries like food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and outdoor equipment. Waterproof label printers can produce these labels that safeguard product information and barcodes. They remain legible and scannable even under exposure to water, humidity, and various environmental conditions.

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To address the confusion surrounding waterproof label printers and their effective application, we’ve compiled and answered key questions to guide those seeking to find the right waterproof label printer and enhance their printing practices.

What Printer Can Print on Waterproof Labels?

When it comes to printing on waterproof labels, the choice of printer can vary. Waterproof label printers typically include thermal label printers, including direct thermal and thermal transfer printers, laser printers and inkjet printers.

How to Choose the Right Waterproof Label Printer?

When selecting a printer for waterproof labels, it’s essential to consider the material of the water-resistant labels and printing volume.

1. For small-sized waterproof labels with moderate printing volume, a high-performance direct thermal label printer is enough.

In retail stores, individual e-commerce craft shops, jewelry stores, and clothing stores, common materials such as three-resistant self-adhesive labels, thermal synthetic paper, or thermal BOPP labels are ideal.

HPRT 3 inch thermal label printer.png

The HPRT 3-inch thermal label printer SL32 is capable of printing food labels, nutrition labels, deli labels, clothing tags, and product and brand labels on these waterproof materials. It offers durability, quality, and cost-effective convenience for everyday labeling needs.

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2. For special materials with higher requirements for water, oil and chemical resistance, thermal transfer printing is a more versatile solution.

For these applications, the HT300 is an excellent choice, especially in food and healthcare industries. With a printing width of up to 4 inches, this thermal transfer label printer precisely prints many font of texts, high-resolution barcodes, QR codes, various graphics, logos, lines, and tables on materials such as PET, PP, vinyl, silver BOPP, and other film label materials. The labels produced are professional, waterproof, durable, and compliant with standards.

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3. For color printing that includes images, or when larger sizes are required, inkjet or laser printers are the go-to options.

These color label printers can generate high-resolution, vibrant color prints, making them ideal for labels that require visual appeal and detailed graphics. They cater to a broader range of creative and aesthetic labeling needs, ensuring that the final product stands out both in quality and appearance.

Are Labels from a Label Maker Waterproof?

Labels from a label maker can be waterproof, but this depends on the type of label maker and the label material used. Many label makers are designed for office or home use and may not support waterproof labels.

HPRT H11 mini label printer.png

The HPRT H11 mini label printer is an excellent tool for both home and office organization in printing a variety of clear, durable, waterproof, and moisture-resistant label stickers. Its sleek design and user-friendly features have garnered a substantial following and received positive feedback from numerous social media influencers.

HPRT H11 mini label printer prints durable labels.png

This mini label printer is compatible with both continuous paper and gap labels. HPRT provides a range of colorful waterproof label paper rolls. With a simple connection to your smartphone, you can effortlessly print labels for food and cosmetic expiration dates, storage organization, file categorization, name tags, and even journaling stickers.

How to Print Waterproof Sticker Labels at Home?

Waterproof stickers can serve as product labels, address labels, and packaging labels, very useful in home businesses. And printing waterproof sticker labels at home is feasible with the right equipment:

1. Buy a Right Printer: An inkjet printer with pigment-based ink or a compact thermal label printer.

2. Purchase Waterproof Stickers or Paper: Available at office supply stores or online.

3. Design Your Labels: Use label design software or templates that match your label printer’s specifications.

4. Print and Test: After printing, test the waterproof capabilities by exposing the label to moisture.

Learn more about the steps of printing waterproof labels in our detailed guide.

How Long Do Waterproof Labels Last?

The lifespan of waterproof labels varies based on the material and ink or ribbons used, as well as the environmental conditions they’re exposed to.

For example, the HPRT HT300 thermal transfer printer, uses with wax/resin ribbons to produce PP labels that are resistant to scratching and smudging, typically lasting for several years under normal conditions.

Waterproof label printers offer a robust solution for those in need of durable, moisture-resistant labeling. HPRT, a leading Chinese manufacturer and supplier of thermal label printers, provides cost-effective and professional solutions tailored to your specific needs. For more information about our printer products, or detailed application cases, please contact us anytime.

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