Smart Business Solutions: How HPRT Thermal Printers Revolutionize Retail, Catering, and Logistics

2024-07-02 16:48

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Imagine this: it's a scorching summer day, and you're feeling parched. You walk into a drink shop, order a less-ice signature milk tea, and moments later, you're handed your drink with a label detailing your order.

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Now, it's peak dining time at a busy restaurant. You scan a QR code at your table to order a meal you've been craving. Nearby, a receipt printer whirs, and soon, a server brings you your order.


After dinner, you head to a supermarket's fresh produce section. You pick out a box of seasonal discounted fruit, check the label for weight and price, and at checkout, the cashier hands you a receipt along with your groceries.

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These are everyday moments. But where do HPRT's receipt and label printers fit into these processes? Do you know?

HPRT: Smart Business Solutions 

HPRT's line of thermal printers is extensively utilized across various industries, with restaurants and retail merely scratching the surface.

In the waves of commerce, whether on busy production lines, bustling retail stores, or vast warehouse logistics centers, our "Smart Business" products quietly exert their power.

HPRT is a leader in thermal printing technology, offering a comprehensive range of products including industrial barcode printers, desktop barcode printers, portable barcode printers, POS printers, barcode scanners, PDAs, and cloud printers

From standard to professional-grade solutions, we cater to diverse printing needs in sectors such as government, healthcare, retail, hospitality, manufacturing, and logistics. Our mission is to deliver safe, reliable, efficient, economical, and eco-friendly printing solutions to our customers.

In Restaurant and Kitchen Environments

In today's era of mobile internet, the restaurant industry's service and management have undergone revolutionary changes. The demand for information technology services in the restaurant sector has become a mainstream trend for future development.

Now, most restaurants adopt self-service ordering terminals to reduce labor demands. This process inevitably requires a high-efficiency, stable receipt printer for processing orders.

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● HPRT TP80NB-L Thermal Receipt Printer 

The HPRT thermal receipt printer TP80NB-L meets this need. 

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Compact and 40% smaller than traditional machines, it features an innovative side-opening design for easy paper loading and jam-free operation.

To adapt to high-temperature kitchen environments, the TP80NB-L has a sealed gear chamber design, waterproof and dustproof cover, moisture-resistant motherboard coating, and special interface protection, ensuring durability and reliability. 

This thermal POS printer prints dish lists quickly for efficient kitchen operations and handles front desk receipt printing needs seamlessly.

● HPRT TP585W Series Thermal Receipt Cloud Printer

The TP585W series 2-inch thermal receipt cloud printers are ideal for takeout orders. 

Supporting 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connectivity and equipped with a speaker for voice announcements, they feature automatic paper cutting and out-of-paper alerts. 

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They integrate with platforms like and Meituan and link to the HPRT cloud printing platform, helping businesses handle peak dining times with ease.

In Beverage Shops

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In the scorching summer heat, beverage shops experience their peak business season. 

For high-paced order frequencies, having a dual-mode thermal desktop label printer for labels and receipts is essential. With just a simple sticker, the product's "identity information" is fully displayed.

The HPRT TL31E fulfills both label and receipt printing needs, offering a 127mm/s label printing speed and 200mm/s receipt printing speed. It supports various printing modes and interfaces, suitable for supermarkets, warehouses, and everyday labeling needs.

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The D25 series, another excellent choice, is a compact thermal label printer that supports materials up to 80mm in diameter and label widths of 20-60mm. 

It features simple operation, optional Bluetooth connectivity, and easy printing through the HereLabel App.

In Warehousing and Retail

In the busy retail environment, the accuracy and timeliness of shelf labels are crucial for customer experience and inventory management. In warehousing and logistics, product coding and tracing are essential. 

Every item must have a unique identification code — and the HPRT SL32 series, designed specifically for mall and warehouse logistics environments, meets this need.

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● HPRT SL32 Series

HPRT's SL32 series uses advanced thermal printing technology to produce clear and distinct barcodes for each product, enabling precise traceability and efficient management. 

With dual-mode label and shipping label printing functions, they are adaptable across industries. This 3-inch thermal label printer quickly and clearly prints shelf labels and tags, product barcodes, sku labels, and rack labels, helping the warehousing and logistics industry achieve efficient and accurate management.

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With four adjustable printing speeds, reaching up to 180mm/s, the SL32 series features a dual-mode paper loading design, compatible with various types of consumables, including roll and folded paper. 

This thermal label printer's intuitive design makes replacing consumables easy and includes an anti-stick paper mechanism to further boost efficiency.

Its performance in inventory management and product traceability is unmatched, handling large volumes effortlessly.

● HPRT HM-E300

For mobile receipt and label printing, HPRT's 3 inch mobile receipt printer HM-E300 is a great solution. 

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Equipped with a large OLED display for easy status viewing, it is shock-resistant and can withstand a 1.2M drop. Dual-mode Bluetooth supports direct mobile connection, and the built-in 7.4V/2300mAh lithium battery ensures long-lasting performance with an energy-saving mode.

HPRT's "Smart Business" series is making its mark across industries with its outstanding performance and diverse functions. As technology advances, smart business solutions will become an inevitable trend.

HPRT is committed to delivering more precise and efficient printing solutions to meet the growing management needs of enterprises. In the near future, our smart business printers will assist more commercial scenarios in achieving digital transformation, leading business operations into a smarter, more efficient era, witnessing innovation and change in business models.

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Contact us to learn more about our product details and application cases, and let HPRT label and receipt printers elevate your smart business to new heights!

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