On-Site Labeling for Wires and Assets with HPRT HM-T230 Portable Thermal Transfer Label Printer

2024-05-28 14:13

When labeling wires and panels in a complex substation or tagging assets on a sprawling job site, you need a flexible mobile printing solution that eliminates wire restrictions and computer connections. The HPRT HM-T230 portable thermal transfer label printer is a compact powerhouse that helps you print durable, high-quality barcode labels and tags wherever you need them.

T230 portable thermal transfer label printer.png

The HM-T230 mobile thermal transfer label printer uses thermal transfer technology with ribbons, ensuring print durability for up to ten years. It supports label widths from 18mm to 50mm. Next, let’s explore its benefits and specific applications.

Applications of the HPRT HM-T230 Portable Thermal Transfer Label Printer

1. Factories, Workshops, and Corporate Offices

Specific Uses: ID labeling for plant equipment, machinery, toolboxes, molds, and warehouse equipment; asset labeling for computers, office furniture, and more.

Product Advantages:

● Supports printing on silver PET, polyester, and other common plastic film labels.

● Labels resist high temperatures, chemical corrosion, and abrasion, suitable for harsh industrial environments.

● Enhances asset identification and management efficiency by enabling mobile printing of equipment ID and asset barcode labels.

2. Power Facilities and Construction Sites (Substations, Data Centers, Telecom Towers)

panel labels.png

Specific Uses: Labeling communication cables, wires, panels, distribution boards, conduits, switches, transformers, and other electrical equipment.

Product Advantages:

● Lightweight and portable, fits easily into a tool bag.

● Supports wireless connections, can connect to mobile devices like smartphones and PDAs for flexible on-site printing.

● Capable of printing various information on heat shrink, polyester, and vinyl cable labels, such as cable type, wire specifications, voltage ratings, equipment barcodes, and safety instructions.

● Equipped with a high-capacity battery and Type-C charging, suitable for long-term outdoor operations.

3. Clinical, Medical Laboratories, and Other Healthcare Institutions

Specific Uses: Printing various sample labels, marking test tubes, petri dishes, and reagent bottles, and other laboratory containers. 

Product Advantages:

● Clearly prints sample barcodes and QR codes for easy traceability management.

● Generated lab and tube labels are resistant to high and low temperatures and alcohol, They remain firmly adhered and the print stays legible even in cryogenic environments.

● Comes with a dedicated label design app featuring numerous pre-designed templates, supporting flexible editing on both mobile and desktop devices. Labels can be shared and templates saved permanently in the cloud.

wire label templates.png

Specifications of the HPRT HM-T230 Portable Thermal Transfer Label Printer

HM T230 Specifications.png

The HM-T230 handheld thermal transfer label printer is user-friendly and easy to operate. Simply load the label roll, quickly set up the print settings, and start printing. Maintenance is also straightforward. Choose the HM-T230 to enjoy a convenient and high-quality printing experience!

HM T230 mobile label printer.png

For more information and pricing details about the HM-T230 portable thermal transfer label printer, please feel free to contact us

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