Meet the HPRT Grand: Your High-Resolution Industrial Barcode Printer for Manufacturing and More

2024-05-29 19:03

HPRT has recently launched the HPRT Grand, a high-resolution industrial barcode printer designed for high-volume, high-resolution label printing across a wide range of industries including manufacturing, logistics, and warehousing. Watch this video to discover the features and benefits of this powerful new product.

Features of the HPRT Grand Industrial Barcode Printer 

1. Design Highlights

Our premier 4-inch barcode industrial printer, the Grand, incorporates a multitude of innovative designs to enhance your productivity and simplify user operation.

Unique Side Cover: Space-saving with a bifold door and extra-large glass window for easy media status checking.

User-Friendly Interface: 5-inch touchscreen for intuitive printer parameter settings and network configuration.

Easy Label Loading: LED loading guidance indicator for intuitive paper and ribbon loading.

Electrostatic Brush Design: Features an electrostatic brush to reduce ribbon wrinkles.

Flexibility: Easy to change the print head and adjust print head pressure and position.

Noise Reduction: Enhanced media drive module ensures high printing quality and speed with less noise.

2. Superior Printing Performance

The HPRT Grand 4-inch industrial barcode label printer is built with a die-cast aluminum mechanism to meet heavy-duty demands. It stands as a champion in high-volume industrial barcode label printing, seamlessly merging speed, precision, and durability.

24/7 Continuous Printing: Capable of continuous 24x7 operation with a maximum speed of 14 ips at 203 dpi resolution.

Grand Industrial Barcode Printer.png

High-Resolution Printing: Available in 203, 300, and 600 dpi resolutions, ideal for printing high-precision tiny barcodes, such as circuit board labels, electronic parts labels, automotive parts labels, and jewelry tags.

Versatile Media Support: Supports a wide variety of label materials including paper, PET, vinyl, film labels, and fabric tags. Perfect for applications in healthcare, electronics, jewelry, warehousing, logistics, and even RFID tag printing.

Grand Industrial Barcode Printer prints high precision barcodes.png

Grand Industrial Barcode Printer prints RFID tags.png

Multiple Connectivity Options: Equipped with standard USB, Serial port, Ethernet port, and USB Host (Front), plus optional Parallel port, WiFi, and UHF RFID extension, along with GPIO port. 

Grand Industrial Barcode Printer with multiple connectivity interfaces.png

Flexible Optional Parts: Offers various optional parts such as a rotary cutter, peeling and rewinding module, and RFID module, enhancing functionality and adaptability.

Grand Industrial Barcode Printer with many optional parts.png

As one of the best industrial barcode printers, the Grand integrates seamlessly into various systems and industrial production lines, delivering consistent performance with minimal downtime. 

HPRT, a leading Chinese manufacturer of barcode printers, offers a wide range of portable, desktop, and industrial-grade barcode printers for bulk purchase. With outstanding R&D capabilities, we provide OEM customization services and SDKs to facilitate various integrated applications. Distributors, wholesalers, and other interested parties are welcome to contact us for more information.

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