How to Make and Print Your DIY Stickers at Home?

2024-03-04 16:34

DIY stickers and homemade stickers have been increasingly popular as people look for ways to add a personal touch to their belongings. If you're looking to decorate your refrigerator, laptop, phone case, or even your home, creating your own custom stickers and printing them is a fun and easy way to do it.

custom sticker.png

So how do you do it at home? A phone and a mini photo printer are enough. There are many different ways to make your own DIY stickers. Here are a few ideas:

Use AI to Generate Creative Icons

We are living in the age of AI, where countless AI software programs are being applied in various fields.

There are a number of AI-powered apps that can help you generate creative cartoon icons. These apps typically use machine learning to analyze your input and generate a variety of different designs. 

Imagine infusing your scrapbooks and craft projects with these unique, DIY icons, adding a personal and whimsical touch that truly stands out.

Turn Photos into Stickers

One of the hottest trends in DIY stickers right now is using the unique sticker crafting feature on iOS 17. This feature allows you to easily extract the subject of any photo and turn it into a sticker. 


You can then use these homemade stickers in a variety of ways, such as in iMessage conversations, in Notes, or even print them out and use them as physical stickers. These DIY stickers can be used for decoration, such as adorning gifts for friends or embellishing party setups.

Custom Stickers with Emojis

Someone says emojis are the soul of photos. They add a touch of fun and personality to any communication.

funny picture with emoji.png

With a few taps, you can transform any image into a fun and personal sticker for your phone case, fridge, DIY journals and other crafting projects.

The steps are simple. You just choose the right photo, a portrait, landscape photo, travel photo or architecture photo. Then use the app the crop and edit it like adding text, graffiti, emojis, or other elements to your design. 

Once you've created your sticker designs, you'll need to print them out. A portable photo printer is your perfect choice!

We recommend the HPRT MT53, a mini printer producing 2x3 photos without ink or ribbons, and is very easy to use.

Simply connect your phone to it via Bluetooth, then choose your favorite sticker designs from your photo album and you can also use the HPRT photo printing app to create a collage photo for sticker printing. In less than a minute, this inkless printer completes the job.

custom sticker with HPRT MT53 mini picture.png

Cut out the printed stickers along their appropriate shapes or outlines. These vibrant and lifelike sticker photos come with an adhesive backing, allowing you to easily apply them to any surface.

Custom icons, portraits, pet photo stickers, you name it, the HPRT MT53 mini photo printer can handle it all! These charming stickers will help you express your individuality in your gifts, cards, scrapbooks, and home decor. So what are you waiting for? Start printing today!

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