How to DIY Greeting and Christmascards with a Smartphone Photo Printer

2023-11-30 18:23

If you missed the chance to express your sentiments this past Thanksgiving, why not prepare a DIY Christmas card for the upcoming holiday season? In this era of mass production, a handmade Christmas card, crafted with your unique touch, becomes even more precious. Incorporating your photos into these DIY greeting cards is an essential element. Utilize HPRT’s smartphone photo printer to edit, collage, and print photos from your phone, making your homemade cards impressively memorable.

DIY christmas cards

How do you create handmade Christmas cards? How can a phone photo printer enhance our homemade cards? By the end of this article, you’ll be ready to start crafting.


material for DIY christmas cards

1.Prepare Cardstock and Decorative Materials

Shop online for some DIY blank greeting cards or use colored paper. Remember, the paper should be thick enough to maintain its shape and withstand decorations and writing.

Along with the cards, prepare colored pens, glue, scissors, and washi tape. Cut the colored paper into Christmas trees or reindeer shapes, or indulge in fun doodling. Washi tape can be used to create beautiful photo frames.

2.Choose a Suitable Smartphone Photo Printer

The size of your card determines the printer you need. For a standard 4.5 x 6.25-inch card, consider HPRT’s 4x6 photo printer, a popular size in home photo printers.

HPRT’s 4x6 photo printer

HPRT’s 4x6 color photo printer uses dye-sublimation technology, producing photos with excellent color fidelity. The photos are waterproof, oxidation-resistant, and fingerprint-proof, ideal for DIY family albums, desktop frames, or photo walls.

DIY projects with HPRT’s 4x6 photo printer

If you prefer smaller cards, like 4.25 x 5.5 inches, and a portable printer, HPRT’s CP2100 mini photo printer is your perfect companion. This Bluetooth photo printer is stylish and powerful, printing 2x3 inch photos perfect for pasting on cards or combining multiple photos. It’s great for gatherings, and travel, and can be used for DIY journals, photo logs, or wallet-sized pictures.

HPRT’s mini photo printer CP2100

DIY Christmas Cards

1.Design the Layout

The first step in card making is deciding the layout and style. Balance the images with text for a visually striking effect. Choose photos that resonate with your message and match the overall design.

2.Edit, Print, and Paste Photos

HPRT’s home photo printers connect to your phone via Bluetooth or WiFi. Just download the HPRT photo editing app and start your creative photo editing. Add speech bubbles, emojis, filters, or choose multiple photos for photo collage. Carefully paste the printed photos onto the designated spots on your card.

3.Add Text and Decorate

Warm wishes are the heart of a Christmas card. Handwrite your greetings for a personal touch. Then, use cutouts or drawings to decorate your card. Stickers, colored tapes, and hand-drawn designs can turn a simple card into a work of art. If possible, use recycled and sustainable materials to minimize environmental impact.

Creating DIY Christmas cards is not just a craft; it’s a tangible way to convey love and thoughtfulness. Each card you make carries your heartfelt emotions, something you can’t buy in a store. With HPRT’s smartphone photo printer, you can skillfully incorporate the beautiful moments captured on your phone into your Christmas cards, adding a unique memory and sentiment to this special holiday.

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