HPRT Thermal Transfer Overprinters: Enhancing Pharmaceutical and Drug Packaging Coding

2023-12-01 17:34

In the pharmaceutical industry, adhering to GMP standards requires that the production date, expiration date, batch number, and other information be clearly and accurately marked on product packaging. This is crucial for regulatory compliance, traceability, and consumer recognition. So, how can efficient coding be achieved on pharmaceutical soft packaging? Among various batch coding machines, thermal transfer overprinters stand out for their cost-effectiveness and accuracy, particularly the HPRT high-speed thermal transfer overprinters. Below, we will detail the application and advantages of these TTO printers in pharmaceutical and drug soft packaging coding.

HPRT TTO Thermal Transfer Overprinter FC53

Utilizing Thermal Transfer Overprinters in Pharmaceutical and Drug Packaging Coding

The use of thermal transfer overprinters in pharmaceutical soft packaging is diverse:

1.Traditional Chinese Medicine

It covers a variety of drug products, from herbal slices to granules, powders, extracts, and pills, all requiring precise drug coding information on their soft packaging for accurate identification and safety.

2.Western Medicine

Here, the focus is on clear medical coding information for granular and liquid medications in plastic soft packaging, ensuring essential details are communicated effectively.


Some bottled and boxed drugs may also include paper or plastic labels, suitable for date and other medicine information coding with TTO date coding machines.

TTO printers go beyond the basic date and batch coding. They print 1D and 2D barcodes like QR codes. The use of variable QR code technology greatly enhances the precision and convenience of pharmaceutical traceability.

Consumers and regulators can scan these QR codes. They gain immediate access to production details, logistics, and distribution channels. This level of transparency helps consumers understand the origins and journey of their medicines. It also supports government drug regulation with reliable data.

HPRT TTO Thermal Transfer Overprinters Applied in the Pharmaceutical and Drug Industry

HPRT TTO Thermal Transfer Overprinter FC53

HPRT, a quality manufacturer of thermal transfer overprinters, offers a variety of TTO devices to meet the batch coding needs of industries like food, daily chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. The FC53 series, in particular, is widely used in the pharmaceutical and drug field.

HPRT TTO Thermal Transfer Overprinter applied in drug, daily chemical industry

The FC53 thermal transfer overprinter boasts a robust metal structure. It offers 300dpi precision and speeds up to 600mm/s. This matches the demands of high-speed production lines. The printer comes in continuous and intermittent models. Its patented ribbon design is both cost-effective and eco-friendly. Key features include:

1.A broad 53mm print width. It suits multiple pharmaceutical soft packaging and film materials. This includes PP, PE, PET, and composite films.

2.Capable of printing dates, batch numbers, barcodes, QR codes, DM codes, and variable texts. It also supports real-time date printing, down to the exact production time.

3.Efficiency and economy: HPRT’s ribbons are 900 meters long, ideal for ongoing drug coding needs. The wider ribbons also boost efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

HPRT TTO Thermal Transfer Overprinter FC53

4.Multi-language support: The FC53 series caters to international markets. It prints in various languages, meeting diverse global needs of medicine coding.

5.User-friendly operation: The touchscreen interface and Format Designer software make pharmaceutical coding quick and easy.

6.Flexible installation: The printer works with vertical and horizontal packaging machines and labelers. It offers versatile installation options.

Its specifications are shown below.

specifications of HPRT TTO Thermal Transfer Overprinter FC53

In pharmaceutical soft packaging, HPRT’s TTO thermal transfer overprinters are a top choice. They offer efficiency, precision, and flexibility. From traditional Chinese medicine to Western medicine, from individual drug traceability to overall flow management, HPRT’s thermal transfer overprinters provide efficient solutions, enabling pharmaceutical manufacturing companies to take a step further in drug safety and accurate information transmission.

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