Barcode and Barcode Printers in Warehouse and Factory Management

2022-08-03 17:16

Barcode technology organically connects information systems of all walks of life, and effectively improves the efficiency of supply chain management, playing an important role in the modernization of logistics, assembly line management and many other industries. Therefore, the application of barcode printers is also increasingly widespread. This article will introduce the application of barcode and barcode printers in logistics management and factory management.

Barcode Printers

Warehouse Inventory management

Firstly, applying barcode technology to warehouse inventory management avoids the steps of manually writing bills and inputting them into the computer, which greatly improves efficiency. Secondly, the application of bar codes is beneficial to solving the problem of warehouse information lag and improving the accuracy of delivery time. And third, the application of barcodes is also conducive to solving the problem of inaccurate bill information, thereby improving the service quality. Reducing manual operations in the transaction process also avoids ineffective labor.

Factory production line personnel management

When each shift starts, each work group member scans the barcode on the employee’s badge with a barcode data collector to record the attendance and team member info into the data collector and then input them into the computer. In this way, the corresponding rewards and punishments for team members can be determined according to the attendance records.

Factory assembly line management

Before the barcode technology was put into use: workers manually record the parts’ info before each part enters the production line. And production can only be started after the material is allocated according to the record number. Each assembly line has a form to record the information about each product. After each process is completed, workers fill in the component number and their own work number on the form. Manual recording is labor-intensive, complicated, and cannot reflect the flow of products on the production line in a timely manner.

Today, when barcode technology is widely used, the number of orders, types of accessories, and product numbers can all be barcoded. Workers can use a desktop or industrial barcode printer to print the barcode label and pasted it on the assembly line in time to achieve rapid recording. After the product is assembled, the production line inspector can scan the barcode label, production line number and worker barcode, and send the unqualified products for repair in time. The whole process does not require manual recording, which greatly reduces labor costs.

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