Animal Feed Label Requirements & Printing Solutions with HPRT

2024-02-06 10:33

Ensuring compliance in animal feed labeling is crucial for the development of the livestock industry globally. According to international animal feed label requirements, such as those from the FDA and the European Commission, feed packaging must feature clear and durable labels. But how can feed manufacturers guarantee compliant printing of animal feed labels?

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Animal Feed Label Requirements

Animal feed has a variety of types such as grain, protein, mineral, and vitamin feeds to meet the nutritional needs of different animals, like cattle feed and horse feed. Feed manufacturers and processing plants often use moisture-resistant and durable plastic woven bags made of materials like PP or Tyvek for packaging, for the safe storage and transport of feed.

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The labeling of animal feed, ingredients, and additives is subject to strict regulations. Labels must not only list the feed's name, ingredients, net content, production date, and expiration date but also include detailed usage instructions and storage conditions. 

Furthermore, animal and livestock feed labels should be comprehensive, moisture-resistant, wear-resistant, and sun-proof to remain intact and legible over time.

Adhering to these labeling standards safeguards animal health, empowers consumers and producers with knowledge, and upholds the agricultural and food sectors' integrity.

Printing Animal Feed Labels

So, how are animal feed labeled? Beyond direct printing on the packaging bags, a common method involves separately printing labels and then affixing them to the feed bags.

This approach offers flexibility, especially suitable for small-scale manufacturers. Feed processing plants can purchase standardized animal feed woven bags in bulk and print variable content as needed for each product, creating compliant and complete labels for each item.

Animal feed labels are typically made from plastic materials like PP or Tyvek, known for their waterproof, oil-proof, and tear-resistant properties. Economical and efficient thermal transfer label printers are commonly used for printing these labels.

These label printers use a ribbon medium to produce clear, long-lasting text and patterns on label materials. They are compatible with various printing materials, including plastic film labels and paper labels. 

Depending on the volume of printing required, feed manufacturers can choose from desktop barcode label printers like the HPRT HT300 or opt for industrial label printers for higher printing demands.

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Additionally, equipping the HPRT printer with a high-quality cutter module can accelerate the labeling process.

HPRT barcode label printers come with professional label editing software, making layout editing straightforward and quick. Our after-sales team also provides comprehensive technical support and training to help you get started quickly and address any issues during use.

The low operational cost and high-quality printing of thermal transfer label printers make them an ideal choice for animal feed labeling. For more information on feed label printing solutions, feel free to contact us.

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