6-Inch Industrial Label Printer for Chemical, Home Textile, and Logistics Wide-Format Printing Needs

2024-04-01 17:31

If you're in the home textiles industry needing to batch print 140mm wide care labels, traditional 4-inch industrial label printers just won't cut it. It’s showtime for 6-inch industrial barcode printer like the HPRT Delta. 

HPRT Delta 6 inch industrial barcode printer.png

The Delta 6 inch wide industrial printer accommodates label rolls up to 175mm in width, with a maximum print width of 168mm, perfect for a variety of wide-format labels such as care labels, fabric labels for home textiles, chemical drum labels, lubricant labels, logistics labels, and outer box labels. Next, let's explore its extensive capabilities in diverse applications.

Chemical Industry

Suitable for printing: chemical product labels, drum and barrel labels, bagged chemical labels, chemical transport labels, storage labels, GHS labels for chemicals, lubricant labels, and more.

oil barrels.png

Chemical labels often utilize synthetic materials like PVC, PET, and PP, known for their resistance to acid, alkali, high temperatures, humidity, and outdoor exposure.

The HPRT Delta industrial barcode label printer is compatible with various synthetic label materials and can be used with resin-based or mixed-base ribbons. 

Printed content can include chemical identifiers, graphic symbols, warning statements, manufacturer information, transportation precautions, and traceable barcodes. The print quality is sharp, durable, resistant to sunlight, and corrosion. It's suitable for common A5 size labels and those wider than 110mm.

Textile and Furniture Industry

Suitable for printing: care labels for mattresses and covers, upholstery labels, and various home furnishing care labels.

bedding furniture.png

The HPRT Delta 6-inch wide printer features a 450-meter ribbon capacity and 300dpi printing resolution, supporting label roll widths from 50.8mm to 175mm. 

mattress fabric label.png

It's ideal for batch printing high-quality care labels on premium satin, nylon, and polyester tapes. Care labels can include text, logos, washing symbols, and care instructions. Additionally, this industrial label printer is capable of printing sewing lines for easier post-processing.

Textile factories and processing plants can choose colored ribbons to print in gold, blue, or other colors, or print on black and white satin ribbons. The The HPRT Delta also supports reverse printing to highlight logos and other key information. 

Moreover, this industrial label printer can be equipped with a rotary cutter module for simultaneous printing and cutting, significantly boosting work efficiency.

Logistics and Transportation Industry

Suitable for printing: large outer box labels, packaging labels, logistics labels, and more.

The HPRT Delta 6 inch industrial barcode label printer supports both thermal and thermal transfer modes, meeting various printing needs in logistics and transportation. 

For bulk printing of outer box labels where durability is less critical, users can opt for the thermal printing mode without a ribbon, achieving super-fast printing at 203 dpi/12 ips, greatly enhancing efficiency.

This industrial printer is robust and durable, supporting a 3-inch core and label rolls with a maximum outer diameter of 8 inches. Its large capacity is complemented by optional label peeler and rewinder, making it highly suitable for warehouse logistics environments and assembly lines with intense printing and automation requirements.

Packaging Label Printer.jpeg

The HPRT Delta comes standard with multiple interfaces, including USB, 3 USB HOSTs, 1 RJ45, 1 RS232 (9-pin), with optional 36-pin parallel port, D-Sub (15-pin), and Wi-Fi. It connects to devices like scanners, supporting offline printing for high flexibility.

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For more information about the HPRT Delta wide-format label printer, application cases, and purchasing details, please contact us.

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