Case Study: Optimized Integration of HPRT TTO Printers in Vertical Packaging

2024-05-15 13:41

As a powerful and reliable manufacturer of thermal transfer overprinters (TTO) in China, HPRT provides high-quality wholesale coding machines and extensive OEM/ODM customization services. HPRT TTO coding machines seamlessly integrate into pillow, vertical, and other types of packaging lines, across industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing.

HPRT's range of TTO printers is diverse, available in both continuous and intermittent film movement versions, and is compatible with compact and large-format vertical form fill seal packaging machines (VFFS).

Below, we highlight specific model integrations in vertical packaging and share case studies from real-world applications across different sectors.

Snack Foods

Case Study: A snack food production line has integrated the HPRT FC53 series thermal transfer overprinter into its vertical packaging system. 

During the filling and bagging process, the TTO printer efficiently codes batch details on flexible film packaging, including product name, batch number, production date, shelf life, and ingredients list. This integration significantly enhances the efficiency and accuracy of the product marking.

HPRT TTO Printers in Vertical Packaging.png

Product Highlights:

● Capable of intermittent printing up to 53x75 mm, with a 300dpi resolution. Deliver high-quality printing even compact ingredient lists and dense QR codes, guaranteeing clear and durable markings.

● Speeds up to 600mm/s, perfectly suited for high-speed vertical packaging operations.

Granular Pharmaceuticals

Case Study: An automated VFFS production line at a pharmaceutical company utilizes the HPRT DC24A-E smart date coding machine to print date codes on small BOPP plastic packages for traditional Chinese medicine granules.

Product Highlights:

● Ready for immediate use without preheating, and offers convenient remote operation via a smartphone app. Ideal for small-scale coding tasks (24mm x 15mm) with superior accuracy, including date codes, batch numbers, traceable barcodes, and QR codes.

● Features a lower initial purchase cost and higher ribbon utilization, significantly reducing consumable costs, ideal for budget-conscious manufacturers.

Hardware Components

Case Study: In a hardware components manufacturing plant, the HPRT FC53 series intermittent TTO printer is tasked with printing part numbers, quantities, and dates on the outer packaging film.

Product Highlights:

● Offers flexible speed adjustments to seamlessly synchronize with the specific operating speeds of various vertical packaging machines.

● Supports printing of various texts, lines, symbols, and logos, meeting complex coding needs.

HPRT thermal transfer overprinters offer a universal solution for coding on flexible packaging across industries. They seamlessly integrate into various vertical packaging machines, handling powders, granules, films, liquids, and semi-fluids. Supported bag types include side seal, back seal, three-side seal, and four-side seal bags.

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