How to Print Barcodes Correctly and Clearly: Overcoming Common Barcode Printing Issues

2023-04-20 13:34

Imagine consistently producing correctly and clearly printed barcodes using your thermal transfer printer. While this may seem ideal, it’s achievable by addressing common barcode printing issues. This guide outlines eight challenges you may face with thermal transfer printer barcode printing, and practical solutions to overcome them, ensuring your barcodes are always printed correctly and clearly.

Barcode Printing Problem 1: Pinhole Defects


- Causes

a. Rough material surface

b. High printing speed

c. Low energy consumption

- Solutions

a. Choose materials with a smoother surface

b. Opt for thicker ribbon coating

c. Lower the printing speed of thermal barcode printer

d. Increase energy consumption

Barcode Printing Problem 2: Poor Quality of Barcode Edges


- Causes

a. High printing speed

b. Excessive energy consumption

c. Using wax-based ribbons

- Solutions

a. Reduce the printing speed

b. Lower energy consumption

c. Switch to mixed-base ribbons

Barcode Printing Problem 3: Poor Grayscale Quality


- Cause

Excessive energy consumption

- Solution

Reduce energy consumption

Barcode Printing Problem 4: Trailing Edges


- Causes

a. Inconsistent speed between ribbon and media

b. Poor compatibility between ribbon and media

c. Excessive printhead pressure

- Solutions

a. Verify the printer’s drive system

b. Choose different ribbon and media combinations for better compatibility

Barcode Printing Problem 5: Partial Transfer


- Causes

a. Clogged printhead

b. Misaligned printhead

c. Poor compatibility between media and ribbon

- Solutions

a. Clean the printhead

b. Notify the printer supplier about the issue

c. Opt for different ribbon and media combinations for better compatibility

Barcode Printing Problem 6: Vertical Lines


- Causes

Clogged or damaged printhead

- Solution

Clean or replace the printhead

Barcode Printing Problem 7: Horizontal Lines


- Causes

a. Ribbon creases or folds

b. Excessive printhead pressure

- Solution

Use a thicker ribbon

Barcode Printing Problem 8: Black Lines


- Cause

Printhead build-up

- Solutions

a. Clean the printhead

b. Replace the printhead


By understanding the common issues and their causes, you can take preventive measures to maintain the optimal performance of your thermal transfer barcode printer. Implementing the suggested solutions will not only help you avoid these problems but also ensure consistent, high-quality thermal barcode labels. Don’t let printing issues disrupt your workflow - take action today and keep your thermal transfer label printer operating smoothly and efficiently.

HPRT, a professional manufacturer of diversified printing equipment, are always devoted to providing excellent 1D, 2D barcode and QR code printing solutions for customers. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products or printing problems.

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