Thermal Transfer Overprinting: HPRT TTO Printers FC53 Models Introduction

2022-07-22 09:31

HPRT FC53 series industrial thermal transfer overprinters include 4 models: FC53-Li, FC53-Lc, FC53-Ri, and FC53-Rc. These automatic thermal transfer overprinting support both intermittent and continuous printing modes.


HPRT TTO printers can print variable codes on the following flexible packaging materials: PVDC, PET, PE, NY, CPP, OPP, BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, CPP, PE, VMPET, VMCPP and other films and composite films. HPRT industrial TTO printers have been used by many well-known food, daily chemical, and pharmaceutical manufacturers in China to print production batch numbers, barcodes, production dates, expire date, formula tables, etc.

FC53-Li/FC53-Ri Intermittent TTO Printer

1. This model is used with intermittent packaging machine and will print with the materials fixed.

2. The FC53-Li/FC53-Ri intermittent printer has a print area of 53 mm x 75 mm in this mode and a print speed of 40 to 600 mm/s.

3. During the stationary period when the packaging material is in a fixed state, the information can be printed by moving the print head.

4. The FC53-Li/FC53-Ri printer can print text and barcodes in any position in the printing area with a width of 53 mm and a length of 75 mm in the intermittent mode.

FC53-Lc/FC53-Rc Continuous TTO Printer

1. FC53-Lc/FC53-Rc continuous TTO printer is specially designed for printing on a continuously moving substrate.

2. FC53-Lc/FC53-Rc printer in this mode has a print area of 53 mm x 100 mm and a print speed of 40 to 600 mm/s. When in continuous motion mode, place the print head in a fixed position and accelerate the ribbon to match the substrate speed.

3. Use an encoder to determine the speed of the printed material

4. This makes it an ideal coding device for continuous dynamic filling, sealing equipment and horizontal moving packaging materials.

5. FC53-Lc/FC53-Rc printer can print text and barcode at any position in the printing area with width of 53 mm and length of 100 mm in this mode.

6. FC53-Lc/FC53-Rc uses a thermal print head and a thermal ink ribbon to print information onto materials held against a print roller.

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