Choosing the Right Auto Cutter Thermal Printer for Receipt Printing

2024-04-19 15:21

Thermal receipt printers typically use continuous paper rolls. After printing, an integrated auto cutter swiftly trims the receipt, making it immediately ready for customers. This automated process is much more efficient than manual tearing and produces receipts with neat, attractive edges. 

In this post, we will learn the various types of auto cutters, their applications, and provide tips for selecting the right auto cutter thermal printer.

Auto Cutters in Receipt Printers

A thermal POS printer's cutting mechanism comprises a blade, a drive motor, and a control circuit. Upon receiving a cut command, the motor activates the blade to sever the receipt. 

full cut and partial cut.png

Auto-cut thermal receipt printers offer two primary cutting modes: partial-cut and full-cut.

1. Partial Cut Mode

In partial-cut mode, the thermal printer slices the receipt while leaving a small connected tab. This design prevents the receipt from falling to the ground, making it easy to grab and keeping the workspace tidy. It's perfect for environments that require continuous printing, like food delivery services and retail.

2. Full Cut Mode

Full cut mode completely separates the printed receipt from the roll, producing a separate, intact piece ideal for immediate distribution or filing. This mode is essential for kiosks and banks where each receipt must be promptly provided to the user.

How to Select an Auto Cutter Thermal Printer?

When shopping for a receipt printer with a auto cutter, first consider the cutter mode. Some basic printers might offer only one mode, so it's vital to check the printer's specifications carefully.

Moreover, the quality of the auto cutter is important. The cutting should be durable and reliable, especially in high-traffic settings like large retail stores and supermarkets. 

A subpar cutter can lead to uneven cuts and paper jams, increasing the frequency of maintenance and negatively impacting efficiency.

HPRT receipt printer.png

The HPRT TP808 high-performance 80mm thermal receipt printer supports both full and partial cuts, with a dual-blade cutter design that prevents uneven edges on receipts. 

HPRT TP808 receipt printer with dual blade cutter.png

This thermal POS printer features high-quality cutting components capable of up to a million precise cuts. Its unique jam-free cutter design allows for easy removal of jams simply by opening the cover, simplifying maintenance. In addition to standard USB connectivity, Bluetooth and WiFi options are also available.

POS hardware contact us.png

HPRT offers both 58mm and 80mm receipt printers with auto cutters, customizable in bulk and directly available from the factory at competitive prices. Feel free to contact us!

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