Best Label Makers for Jars 2024: Home & Business

2024-04-08 17:47

Do you have a cluttered kitchen with jars and containers? Do you want to create clear and beautiful branding stickers for your homemade jams and jellies? If so, you must need a label maker for jars. 

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With it, you can easily label your canning jars with the food name and date to keep your kitchen organized, and create custom labels for your homemade food products, including your brand logo, product name, production date, ingredients list, and more. This post will detail the key factors when selecting the label makers for jars and highlight some top models available.

Key Factors to Consider for Choosing Label Makers for Jars 

With so many different types and models of label makers on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right one. For home use and home businesses, here are four things to consider:

1. Print Quality and Durability

The print quality of a label maker is important, especially for creating delicate labels for canning jars containing homemade products. You want the jar labels to be clear, crisp, durable, and easy to read. 

2. Rich Customization Options

A great label maker for jars and bottles should be able to print a variety of contents, including logos, text, barcodes, and other elements. It should also come with accompanying label design software that provides a range of fonts, symbols, graphics, a barcode generator function, and a variety of rich label templates. 

3. Ease of Use and Maintenance

For jar labeling machines, simple structure and easy maintenance are highly desired, especially for household use. The ability to print directly from a phone can be a valuable bonus.

4. Value for Money

Cost-effective label makers can meet basic needs while saving money. This is a great option for homes and small home businesses with limited budgets.

Considering the above factors, high-quality thermal label printers are our preferred choice for jar labeling due to their compact size, affordability and ease of use. And a standard 203dpi label printer can generate high-quality output.

Although most models only support monochrome printing, you can still achieve good results by using colored label rolls. This makes them a suitable option for home business owners and households that prefer a clean and simple look of jar labels.

Highly Recommended Label Makers for Jars

Now, we would like to recommend two affordable and practical label makers for jars: the HPRT T20 and the HPRT SL32BT.

1. Budget-Friendly 2-inch Label Maker: HPRT T20

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The HPRT T20 is a compact and lightweight 2-inch label maker that connects wirelessly via Bluetooth. No ink or ribbons are required, so it’s cost-effective and simple to use. You can easily design and print personalized stickers for glass jars, plastic jars and other containers, directly from a smartphone.  

● Keep Kitchen Organized

The T20 2-inch thermal label printer lets you quickly create clear food labels with names, expiration dates, interesting icons, emojis, and other details on the go, without the hassle of cords.

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Simply label your jars, tins, bottles, and boxes containing fruits, yogurt, spices, oils & vinegar, pickles, sauces, and juice. This handy tool keeps your kitchen and pantry organized and looking neat, while also helping you prevent food waste.

● Durable Jar Labeling for Homemade Products

Durable jar labels are essential for both kitchen use and selling homemade products. Especially for homemade products for sale, like jams and jellies, honey, nut butter, labels must be waterproof and oil-proof to protect against spills and moisture, and resistant to fading and abrasion to maintain a professional appearance over time.

HPRT offers original thermal label paper that is waterproof, oil-proof, and scratch-resistant. When used with the T20 printer, the printed text is more saturated. These label papers use high-quality glue, which has stronger adhesion and leaves no residue after removal. They can also be used repeatedly.

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HPRT high-quality label rolls come in a variety of shapes, including round, wavy round, and rectangular. They are also available in a variety of colors and sizes, including transparent labels. 

Common sizes include 50x30mm, 50x50mm, and 50x70mm. You can apply them to the sides or lids of glass jars, for a professional branding and beautiful appearance.

● Easy-to-Use Label Design App

The T20 also comes with feature-rich mobile apps for label design and editing. 

They provide a lot of pre-designed label templates, a rich selection of fonts, funny icons, engaging borders, and stickers, allowing you to create custom jar label designs with impressive logos, interesting icons, dynamic graphics, real-time date, tracking barcodes for your homemade products. 

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In a word, the T20 label maker is a budget-friendly choice for jar labeling in various shapes, such as rectangular and round, both for household and home businesses.

2. High-Speed 3-Inch Thermal Label Printer: HPRT SL32BT

If you need to print large quantities of jar labels with large size, the HPRT SL32BT is a great option. 

SL32BT 3 inch thermal label printer.png

The HPRT SL32BT 3-inch thermal label printer boasts a fast print speed of up to 180mm/s, and supports label width ranging from 25mm to 80mm. It's ideal for batch printing of jar labels with complex content, such as ingredient lists, instructions, product barcodes, and manufacturer information.

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Moreover, the SL32BT desktop thermal printer is also suitable for printing various labels for small businesses, such as bubble tea labels, bread labels, takeaway food labels, clothing tags, and more. 

It supports wired and wireless connections, enabling printing even more convenient and efficient through the HPRT label design mobile app.

HPRT is a trusted Chinese thermal printer supplier with nearly 120 partners. We have extensive experience in R&D and manufacturing of thermal label printers, receipt printers, and KIOSK self-service printing modules. Our products are sold in over 80 countries worldwide. 

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We can help you find the perfect solution to meet your specific needs and budget. Feel free to contact us!

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