Best Pouch Batch Coding Machines for Candy Production Lines

2024-06-14 11:55

Candy manufacturers must batch date code gummy candy, hard candy, and other confectionery to comply with food safety regulations. On candy production lines, they use pouch batch coding machines to mark expiration dates and product details on colorful packaging bags. Among these, TTO printers are popular for their cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and high-quality printing. 

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Pouch Batch Coding Machines in the Candy Production Lines

Pouches, especially zipper pouches, are common packaging materials for gummy candy, jelly beans, licorice, fruit snacks, and nuts. These bags prevent moisture and spoilage while allowing easy access to the contents.

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When selecting a suitable candy pouch coding machine, food manufacturers must consider several factors:

● Printing Requirements

Candy batch coding includes printing real-time production and expiration dates, lot numbers, and tracking barcodes. 

To reduce costs, confectionery companies often use the same packaging bags for various candy varieties. Therefore, batch coding machines for pouches should also clearly and precisely mark and code food names, nutrition facts, ingredient lists, and other detailed information.

● Integration with Production Lines

In candy and snack factories, zipper pouches often require pre-printing with date and other information before being filled with candies, nuts, or other food items and sealed. Therefore, pouch batch coding machines must seamlessly integrate into production lines, adhering to the speed and workflow requirements of the assembly line.

● Cost Considerations

The initial cost of the pouch batch coding machine is a significant factor, but manufacturers must also consider the expense of consumables and ongoing maintenance. 

The best automatic batch coder should deliver high-quality printing while remaining cost-effective in terms of both initial investment and ongoing operational expenses.

HPRT TTO Printers for Candy Pouch Date Coding

HPRT understands the challenges candy and confectionery manufacturers face and offers reliable thermal transfer overprinters at the best prices in China. These printers melt ink from a ribbon directly onto flexible films and various pouches, providing high-resolution, real-time prints. They offer several advantages:

● High-Resolution and Durable Printing

Our batch coding machines for pouches, such as the FC53 series, produce sharp and legible prints, including small font texts and high-density barcodes, up to 300 dpi on zipper pouches, flat pouches, single seal gags, and other candy bags.

The printed information withstands abrasion, water, and oil, remaining visible throughout the product's shelf life.

● Variable Data Printing

HPRT TTO printers can handle variable data printing, such as candy expiration dates, batch numbers, barcodes, QR codes, DM codes, and complex ingredient lists. This flexibility allows for customized printing on each candy pouch, ensuring product traceability and food safety compliance.

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● Integration with Production Lines

HPRT date coding machines for pouches can flexibly adjust coding speed and work in sync with bag feeders, seamlessly integrated into existing production lines, ideal for date coding on zipper pouches and plastic bags.

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● Cost-Effectiveness

HPRT TTO printers are a cost-effective solution due to their minimal consumables usage and low maintenance requirements. This translates into long-term savings for candy manufacturers.

Besides integrating with pouch feeding machines, our thermal transfer overprinters also adapt seamlessly to horizontal flow wrappers, vertical sealers, and fillers, ideal for various food and snack packaging applications on candy and food production lines.

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For candy and confectionery manufacturers seeking to optimize their batch coding operations and comply with regulations, HPRT is your ideal partner. Contact us today to learn how we can optimize your candy pouch coding process!

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