HPRT: Premier China Thermal WiFi Label Printer Manufacturer for Global Industries

2024-06-12 15:12

HPRT is a robust and experienced China thermal WiFi label printer manufacturer, expertly developing and producing a wide variety of best price Bluetooth and WiFi label printer models tailored for diverse industries. 

With nearly two decades of industry experience and 733 authorized patents, we stand at the forefront of thermal printing technology. We offer both wholesale and customized services for wireless label printers to meet the specific needs of our global clientele, including markets in Europe, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and the Americas.

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HPRT's Flagship Bluetooth Portable Thermal Label Printers

HPRT offers portable thermal printers featuring seamless Bluetooth connectivity, perfect for on-the-go printing of shipping labels, address labels, price tags, shelf tags, product barcodes, and more. These user-friendly printers deliver efficient and reliable performance, ideal for dynamic retail, delivery, and warehousing environments. 

HM A300E mobile receipt printer.png

HM A300S mobile label printer.png

HM T3 PRO 3 inch label printer.png

HPRT's Flagship 4-Inch Direct Thermal / Thermal Transfer Label Printers

HPRT's 4-inch thermal label printers offer direct thermal and thermal transfer modes, with a wide range of interface options.

hprt label printer with multiple interfaces.png

They handle various media types, including continuous, gap, black mark, fan-fold, and punched-hole. Suitable for printing on thermal, art, synthetic, and silver matte papers, as well as PET, PP, and PVC films, these printers are widely used in warehousing, apparel, retail, healthcare, and industrial manufacturing sectors. 

HT300 thermal transfer label printer.png

Prime thermal transfer printer.pngHT800 thermal transfer printer.png

As a powerful China label custom printer factory, HPRT operates its facility with 13 printer production lines, ensuring strict quality control. We boast a robust R&D team that actively responds to customer needs, offering customization of product appearance, functionality, and associated software based on specific requirements. 

We provide comprehensive services from design to delivery, along with immediate professional after-sales support. Our direct factory pricing and cutting-edge technology give us a competitive edge in both oem custom solutions and wholesale offerings.

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Contact us to obtain professional label printer solutions. HPRT is your reliable partner in innovation.

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